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LCAM Justification Toolkit

To review the LCAM Justification Tool Kit, CLICK HERE:  LCAM Justification Tool Kit

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June Chapter Meeting- Highlights

Thank you for attending our June chapter meeting at Hilton Garden Inn- Downtown/Bayside, and of course big thanks to our Programs Directors, Colette Morel and Elsie Nash, for another fantastic event.

If you weren’t able to join us, here are a few highlights:

Guest speaker: Deputy District Attorney, Wendy L. Patrick, Ph.D., spoke about the RED FLAGS that we should pay attention to impressions and details when dealing with co-workers, acquaintances, and even first dates.  It was really interesting to see how her office is able to dig deeper into a person, just by the information they share… or rather don’t share about themselves.  If you bought a book and need to send a check, please send check for $27 to: Wendy L. Patrick, 330 W. Broadway, Suite #1020, San Diego, CA. 92101

Scrapbook Heaven: Some of our Past Presidents brought their scrap books and as someone who JUST created one for Karen Spencer, I am so glad I didn’t see them in advance or I never probably would have handed it over.  I wish you could have seen Anita Tindall strut in with her dining- room- table- sized- scrap book, full of pride, and I don’t blame her… it’s pretty fantastic. The photos of the shoulder pads and lipstick were awesome, but the history is just priceless.  I will ask Karen to bring hers to the July meeting and if you have any photos or keepsakes from her year as president that you would like to add, feel free to bring them.

Soaps & Scents: Lynette Clark of new member firm, Soaps & Scents shared a little more about herself and her products.  She also brought some samples… I now I have a delicious smelling cucumber-melon bar of soap in my bathroom, and it’s almost too lovely to use!  Get to know a little more about Soaps & Scents at: www.soapsandscents.com, and be sure to say hi to Lynette next month!

August Fundraiser:  It’s that time of year where it’s “all hands on deck”, which is especially fitting since our BIG PRIZE this year is a 7-Day cruise for 2 aboard the Holland America Line to Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico or Canada/New England.  We need your help selling these tickets… including selling them to yourself.  The funds raised help chapter initiatives, including our EWISP and ASIST Scholarship.  Plus, buying and selling these tickets makes you look strong and smart. Don’t ask me how, it’s just science. 

Please reach out to Kathy Christmas, kathy@gpmsandiego.com or Holly Stephenson, hs1269@att.com about getting some tickets. Also, be on the lookout for some more information on sponsorships and how you can help make this fundraiser a big success.  Please note the date is the 4th Tuesday, August 22, so please mark your calendars.

LCAM: Still thinking about the annual Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting (LCAM)? Take a look at the justification tool kit, attached.  It might help you decide on the expense or it might arm you with some more information when you ask your company to support you.

EWISP & ASIST: Gigantic thanks go to Pat Evans, (EWISP) and Jamie Fleming, (ASIST) and their committees, for their contribution to selecting our scholarship winners.  You will get to hear more and meet both of them in July, when they are awarded.

Past Presidents:  We appreciate our Past Presidents very much… and last night we got to say thank you to those who were in attendance. Schedule changes kept many, including, Patti, Besse, Pat, and Debbie from attending, but I assure you, you were with us in spirit!



Dolores Kelly
(1987) Millie Goddard
(1989) Sarah Esch
(1991) Debbie Wilmot
(1992) Marge Suess
(1995) Stephanie Hitt
(1997) Anita Tindall
(1998 and 2012) Kathy Trombley
(2001) Darlene Banogon
(2005) Jan Rogers
(2008) Anna McCutcheon
(2010) Lourdes Navarro
(2013) Margie Wilson
(2016) Karen Spencer



Our next chapter meeting is July 18 at Hilton Garden Inn, Old Town—sure hope you can make it!

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April Chapter Meeting- Highlights

If you weren’t able to join us for the April Executive Appreciation Luncheon, we sure missed you!

As I mentioned in my opening remarks, San Diego stands out as a city with incredible Executive Engagement and this meeting was no exception.

Here are a few highlights:

• WOW, Rip Rippetoe is an incredible speaker. He was informative, engaging, and even took the time to answer questions from the audience. Fun fact: Yesterday was his first anniversary with the San Diego Convention Center Corporation!

• Special thanks to our dynamic Programs Committee, Colette MorelManpower and Elsie Nash Payroll Vault, who teamed up with Pat Evans, SDCCC to create a lovely event.

• Thank you to 2017-2018 Chapter Board, who really went above and beyond to make this event a success in all areas.

• Thank you, Patti Parsons, for standing in for Linda Kent, as Courtesy Chair, to introduce our guests and Executives. We really appreciate your support!

• The SDCCC chef’s team really outdid themselves with the lunch, and don’t think I’m not looking for ways to order that salad ‘to-go’!

• Next Chapter meeting is a EWI Membership Networking Event on Tuesday, May 23 (notice date!) at the Women’s History Museum. Please plan to bring a professional guest. Your chapter fee will cover you and your guest for heavy appetizers and wine. This is a great chance to introduce EWI to your professional contacts, and vice versa. Additional guests only $20 each!

• Registration for Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting in Dallas (LCAM) in September is registration is open and includes an early bird discount, until June 15. I would encourage both representatives and executives to heavily consider this development opportunity. Visit http://ewiconnect.com/professional-development/events-conferences/ for more information or to register. Let’s have a great San Diego showing!

• Welcome our new Member, Raechel Prochnow of Hilton Garden Inn Old Town. We are delighted she has joined and looking forward to getting to know her better!

• Friday, June 23 is a Women’s Leadership Conference, hosted by EWI of Pomona Valley. See attached Flyer!

• Thank you, Jamie Dickerson of J-Dixx Photography for taking photos of the meeting.

• Thank you, Kristy Weinzimer, Flowers by Coley, for donating centerpieces

• Thank you to firms who donated raffle prizes. We all enjoyed watching Susanne Schaible win a majority of them (haha!)

• Our June Chapter Meeting is when we are honoring Past President’s. You won’t want to miss it.

• Chapter Fundraiser is August 22. We also want to make sure all of our Executives save this date! If you or your firm is interested in sponsoring a portion of this fundraiser, please contact Kathy Christmas: kathy@gpmsandiego.com or Holly Stephenson: hs1269@att.com to find out how you can help.

• In case you missed it– SAVE THE DATE(S):

Wednesday, April 26th, 5:30- The Westgate Hotel is hosting a private EWI reception to introduce their new spa, AquaVie. Please RSVP to ctachon@westgatehotel.com by Monday. (See flyer)

Thursday, May 11th, 7:30- EWI Play Date for JERSEY BOYS, at the Civic Theatre. Tickets will be $60 and a portion will go directly to chapter initiatives. See private link

Tuesday, May 23rd, 5:30- Chapter Meeting/ Member Networking Event- NOTICE DATE!

Saturday, May 27th, 10:00- Master Class- GEMOLOGY, with Kathy White of Enhancery Jewelers. This will be held at Manpower offices. If you would like to RSVP, email: Vanessa@broadwaysd.com

Friday, June 23, Women’s Leadership Conference, hosted by Pomona Valley (see attached Flyer for registration information)

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LCAM Registration is OPEN!

Saddle up San Diego, it’s time to ride!

CLICK HERE for information




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LCAM 2017- Save the date!

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March Chapter Meeting- Highlights

Howdy!  If you weren’t able to join us for the March meeting at Junior Achievement, we are sorry to have missed you…

Junior Achievement:

It was a true pleasure to meet with COO and SVP, Jacqui Pernicano and learn a little more about the work they put in to helping young students in our community.  It’s a healthy and vibrant program, but they really could use support, particularly with volunteers. 

Here is more volunteer information and sign up: http://jasandiego.org/get-involved/volunteer.html

Here is a link to a video that shares a little more about Junior Achievement and definitely worth a watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L49IjKV6po

Executive Luncheon/Save the Date:April 18 at the San Diego Convention Center.  Our programs team, joined by Pat Evans is hard at work finalizing the details for what is sure to be an amazing Luncheon.  Look for an email and hard copy invitation, later next week.

Heads up! MAY Meeting will be Mini Firm Fair: Consider this an “Open house/get to know EWI”.  The meeting will be held at the Women’s History Museum, and Chapter members are encouraged to bring a professional guest.  There is no “sit down” dinner scheduled, and the chapter meeting fee will be used to cover you and your guest for heavy appetizers for this exciting new network opportunity.

Maximizing your membership: I am working on suggestions for maximizing your membership and ROI.  If you have any successful tips or personal story about how an EWI connection worked for you, please send them my way, by Friday, March 24 for inclusion in the newsletter!  Vanessa@broadwaysd.com

Welcome Darla Fox: We got an opportunity to hear from our new member, Darla Fox of SD Green Girl, and WOAH, what a story!  Please be sure to introduce yourself at the next meeting, and hear it for yourself!

Guests: It was great to see Lynette Clark, guest of Elsie Nash, join us for another meeting.  It was also a night to enjoy a visit with some of our favorite little ones, including Baby Adam, and Kinley & Bella!

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Executive Luncheon- SAVE THE DATE!

Our EWI Executive Appreciation Luncheon is scheduled for April 18, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center, with guest speaker, Clifford “Rip” Ripptoe.  More details coming, but please mark your calendars!

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February Chapter Meeting- Highlights

It was lovely to see you last night at The Prado in Balboa Park. Thank you to our Programs Directors, Elsie and Colette, for their hard work that contributed to the success of the meeting. 

Here’s an overview of the evening:

  • Our special guests, Todd Forester, and speaker, Brenda Wells, of i5FreedomNetwork shared some incredibly important facts and tips about Sex and Labor Human Trafficking and what we can do if we suspect something is happening.  If you would like to learn more, visit: http://i5freedomnetwork.org/who-we-are.   We were made aware of Brenda when our own Elsie Nash, met Todd at a training event and we are so lucky she did!
  • Gift from Tracey Amernick: Last night’s wine was donated to the dinner portion of our meeting as a personal thank you, from Tracey, in appreciation for support during the loss of her husband and dear EWI Friend, Chris Agrippe.
  • Executive Advisory Board.  As I mentioned in the newsletter this month, three dynamic Executives have agreed to serve on our Inaugural Executive Advisory Board; Jamie Fleming, Fleming and Associates, Kathy White, Enhancery Jewelers, and Cam Schultz, EmbroidMe San Diego.  Our first meeting is scheduled in March, so an update will follow. We are so pleased they agreed to share their time, talents and commitment to EWI San Diego.
  • Masterclass Save the Date: Our next class in our Mentor Series is scheduled for May 27, and will focus on Gemology with Kathy White of Enhancery Jewelers.  Space will be limited. Time and location still to be determined, but this will be a great opportunity to see what’s been hiding in your own jewelry case as well as learn more about gems.
  • LCAM/Corporate update: Set for Dallas Sept. 21-23, This year will be condensed schedule will allow for more people to attend without taking away from work and family responsibilities. I will be spending a lot of time encouraging you to attend, so consider this your warning J
  • What a guest list!  It was so great to see new and friendly faces, including Tom Frederick, guest of Kathy Christmas; Cornelia Steinberg, guest of Susanne Schaible, Shelby McKinney, firecracker and mom of Kathy Trombley; Liz Hilly, Katie Field and Nicole Logie, guests of Kris Hilly; Ivy Tiango, guest of Jill Hammons; Lynette Clark and Darla Fox, guests of Elsie Nash; and EWI Friend, Candy Cowell, guest of Linda Kent, who finally gave up trying to keep us from clapping after every introduction.  We are much better at cheering than listening, obviously!
  • Memberfirms and Memberfriends: Finally, I just want to remind you that we are always happy to share your business flyers or special offers or photos of you and other EWI friends out and about.  For newsletter, send to Kathy Trombley, Director of Communications, at KTrombley@cushnet.net and for social media outlets, please send them my way to Vanessa@broadwaysd.com  Special thank you to Erin Chapman, Erin Chapman Consulting, who is producing our newsletter for March.  We appreciate you, Erin!

Thank you for getting in the spirit and wearing RED, and sharing such great gifts and prizes with our fantastic fundraising team, Directors, Kathy Christmas and Holly Stephenson, and Committee Member, Debbie Wilmot.

See you next month as we learn all about Junior Achievement! 

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January Chapter Meeting- Highlights

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night.  Thank you to the Programs Team, Colette and Elsie for planning a fun and unique evening.  If you weren’t able to join us, you were missed and we hope to see you in February at the Prado Restaurant. 

The evening was mostly made up of the sushi instruction, so the recap is super brief:

  • It seems that so many catering locations are getting their sushi from Chef Jeff and Chef Sergio and team at Sushi on A Roll. If you are looking for something fun to do with friends or family, consider a private party or additional sushi classes: sushionarollclasses.com
  • If you are interested in the SOCIAL MEDIA AND SO CAN YOU, Lunch and Learn on February 11, 10am-1pm, please send an email to vanessa@broadwaysd.com to RSVP. Space is limited and will be first come/first served. Reminder, this is not a ‘business insider’ on how to increase your social media foot print, it is “how to, basic 101”
  • I am 100% certain that everyone’s sushi roll came out way better than mine, except maybe Anita’s, but Chef Jeff fixed hers and they shared a ‘fist bump’. Yes, you read that right.
  • Pat Evans updated us on EWISP Scholarship information. She is also serving on the EWI Corporate Scholarship Committee, so we are super proud! If you are interested in being a judge here in San Diego, (I am looking at you, Alva), please contact her evans@visitsandiego.com
  • We saw some new friendly faces, Brent, son of Elsie Nash; Dylan, son of Laura Machado, Hannah (also birthday girl), daughter of Jennifer; Cornelia Steinberg, guest of Susanne Schiable. We also welcomed our new Westgate Hotel Rep, Christelle Tachon, who jumped right in as though she has been with us forever!
  • Congratulations to Besse and Jesse Dozadiaz on their beautiful son, Adam Jesse, born January 16 at 11:17 am. 7 lbs, 8 oz. 19.5 inches. Last I checked Besse was busy staring at him.
  • Next month’s meeting will be at The Prado, and in honor of women’s health and heart, we hope you will wear RED!

To those who have taken time to send a note about last night, thank you for your kind words, and I agree—it sure was fun!

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December Chapter Meeting- Highlights

Happy Holidays from your 2017-2018 EWI Board of Directors and Commitee Chairs!

For those of you who were able to join us (and bring a guest!), thank you so much.  We are still tallying, but the evening was very successful and we couldn’t have done it without you!  If you weren’t able to join us, we sure hope to see you next month!  In the meantime, here’s a quick recap of what you may have missed:

Team “Holiday Hooplah”: Thank you to the Fundraising Team: Kathy Christmas, Golden Property Management, Holly Stephenson, AT&T, and Debbie Wilmot, Parma Management Co, for such a great FUNdraiser! Thank you to our Program Directors, Colette Morel, Manpower and Elsie Nash, Payroll Vault, for a great venue, and a special thank you to Kristy Weinzimer at Flower’s By Coley, for our lovely flowers and Birthday roses. We also want to send a shout out to DJ Mo Cringle for spinning some fun and festive holiday tunes— thank you!

Mentor Up Series: We have a date for our first “Lunch and Learn” called ‘SOCIAL MEDIA, AND SO CAN YOU!’  This will be for our members who really need help understanding Facebook and Instagram.  It’s not in depth marketing strategy or instructions on how to increase your social media footprint, it’s for the folks who need help just creating an account (and pressing buttons!) Save the date, February 11, 10am-1pm, at Manpower offices.  Look for the RSVP coming soon!

Committee Opportunities:  One of the best ways to get to know other gals in this chapter is by spending some time and laughs while working on a project.  I am currently updating a “committee description” sheet that will let you know a little more about our committees and how your time and talents could be put to good use.  Get involved, I promise you– it’s where the fun is!

January Chapter Meeting: For those of you who have asked about next month’s Sushi making class, at “Sushi On a Roll” , specifically those of you who do not eat sushi, please note that we will provide another food option as well.  I know this meeting is a little outside the (bento!) box, but I am really proud of our Program Directors, for encouraging us to try something new, and hope you will consider joining us.

January Fundraising: Next month’s fundraising theme will be “Re-Gift Raffle”  If you wind up with wine that’s the ‘wrong color’ or chocolate that ‘doesn’t fit’, bring it in, we will give it a great home, and earn a little money in the process!

Chapter of Excellence:  Every year, EWI Corporate awards Chapters of Excellence.  We are already an outstanding chapter, but it would be great to have that recorded, officially.  There are a few things that we will need to tighten up, but look for an outline of what we are (already) doing (in most cases) to meet the requirements… I think you will be impressed.

Friendly Faces:  Along with some special guests, including ASIST Winner Lisa and her daughter, Anna, Lindi Nale, Darla Fox, Jesse Dozadiaz, Paul Harris and Joe Hitt, we were joined by our long-time friends, Jill Hammons, Emily Rogers, Deb Eck, Stephanie Hitt, Dawn Boese, Candy Cowell and Jan Sabran-Wolfert— it sure was great to see some of our ol’ gang last night


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