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EWI of San Diego Welcomes Its Newest Member Firms

Since 1950, EWI of San Diego supports businesses and individuals, promotes member firms, enhances career development, and encourages community involvement.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sushi on a Roll

1620 National Avenue | San Diego, CA 92113 



Join us at Sushi on a Roll for a Teambuilding Dinner & Sushi Class

It’s a New Year! Time to try New Things!!  Do you want to have a surreal experience, making sushi behind a traditional Sushi Bar? Owner/Chef Jeff & Chef Sergio will be serving delicious food the minute we arrive…and then teach us the fine art of rolling sushi. We have the whole place to ourselves!

It promises to be a fun, casual and unique evening for everyone…with each and every bite! This will be your opportunity for personalized lessons in the art of sushi from a formally trained Sushi Chef with over 25 years’ experience. How many people can say THAT? Come and join the fun!

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5:30 pm/Check-in & Networking
Food Station | Open Bar with Wine, Beer and Sake
6:00 pm/Call to Order
6:15 pm/BChef Jeff and Chef Sergio will begin class
8:15 pm/Raffles & Closing Remarks


Food Stations Open at 5:30 PM

Eggrolls | Noodles

Chicken Teriyaki & Rice

Seaweed Salad and Green Salad w/ Chef’s Dressing

Sushi Board:

Tuna, Salmon & Shrimp (Nigiri)

California Rolls | Spicy Tuna Rolls | Rainbow Rolls
Shrimp Tempura Rolls | Veggie Rolls
Ginger, Soy Sauce, Wasabi & Chopsticks

A treat to eat right away or take home

Water and Tea Available
Open Bar with Wine, Beer & Sake

Choose From These Items to Make in Class:
California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, or Enfuego Rolls
(also have the option of a Veggie Roll)


Complimentary Parking | Gated lot left of entrance

Note: All Active members have a standing reservation
and will be billed $55 unless regrets are submitted by the deadline.

Regrets & Guest deadline/Thursday, January 12, 2017

RSVP@ewisandiego.com | 858.964.8697

Monthly Meeting Fees